Why Your Business Needs Signage

Why Your Business Needs Signage

5 reasons why your business needs signage

1). Signage brings in more foot traffic 

Having signage will bring in more foot traffic. This works especially well if you are using signage that people can see from outside. This may draw more people in and get them inside your store, even if they weren't planning on stopping. For this reason, it is so important to have signage that is interesting enough to catch someones eye. This has the potential to turn a stranger into a regular customer. 


2). Signage makes customers more aware of deals and current offerings    

Signage ensures that your customers are aware of what you are currently offering. If you were to take the time to talk to every customer and tell them about what you are currently offering, you wouldn't have time to do anything else. Adding signage ensures that your customers are aware of what you are offering and increases the chances of them ordering something more expensive. All while saving you time to do the other important things.

3). Signage makes your business more remember-able

Signage makes your business more remember-able. Adding signage is a great way to make your shop stand out. Business Partner Magazine said "Signs do more than inform. Customers make assumptions of a business based on the quality and attractiveness of their signs". Looking for a great way to cause your customer to remember you and come back? Adding signage is the right answer!

4). Signage differentiates you from your competitors
Signage differentiates you from your competitors. In the age where customers care so much about what the environment of you shop looks like, signage is the quickest way to level up your shop. Adding aesthetically pleasing table tents and window clings can give you customers something to remember and even post about.

5). Signage Increases Sales

Finally, signage will help with sales. 20 - 45% of sales are impulse buys. Impulse buys typically happen when a customer sees a sign or something that sticks out to them. if your shop doesn't have signs up advertising your current product, the amount of impulse sales decreases significantly.

Having signs up in your coffee shop is a big deal, it can save you time and money. Not only can these sign draw customers in, but they also showcase what you are serving. Having a sign displayed that you serve nitro cold brew can be the reason why someone changes their mind and orders a nitrogen infused cold brew instead of a regular cold brew, which results in you making more money.

At Enhanced Beverage Solutions, we want to help you succeed in whatever way we can. This is why we have created a POS package to help you succeed in your shop by saving time, maximizing customer interaction, and helping to make sure that your customers are aware of your current offerings.

Our POS package includes 20 table tents, 2 window clings, downloadable content, recipes, and a sample of our all natural Draft Line Cleaner.

View our signs displayed in a coffee shop here


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