4 Things You Didn't Know About Nitro-Infused Beverages

4 Things You Didn't Know About Nitro-Infused Beverages

New beverages hit the market every year as manufacturers try to find new flavors and methods to create drinks customers will love. Over the past 4 years, over 16,0000 new beverage products were approved for the market in the US. And if you’ve paid much attention, you may have noticed that a lot of these have been nitro-infused beverages.

But what is a nitro beverage exactly? It is any type of drinkable beverage which has been infused with nitrogen, a gas that creates tiny carbonated bubbles. These bubbles are far smaller than the ones in soda, so it has a different mouth-feel than typical carbonated beverages.

Perhaps one of the most well-known of these beverages is the nitro cold brew coffee, which started popping up in cafes around the country. But there are some things most people don’t know about nitro infusion – including that it can apply to far more than just coffee.

A. Many Beverages can be Served Through a Nitro Infuser

To serve nitro-infused beverages, you need to use a system that safely infuses the gas into the liquid. There are all types of drinks which can be served with a Nitro Infuser. Along with coffee, iced tea is a popular choice, especially for cafes and coffee shops.

Tea lattes like chai, London fogs, or matcha can also be served if milk is added to the beverage. Kombucha, a popular fermented tea, benefits from a nitro-infused system because it enhances the drink’s natural carbonation. Finally, it should be no surprise that you can serve wine through a Nitro Infuser just like beer!

This makes it super simple to batch up large amounts of beverages and serve them directly from the tap.

B. Nitrogen Enhances Flavor Notes

So, why are nitro-infused beverages so popular in the first place? It’s because this process actually makes drinks taste even better.

The small nitrogen bubbles create a pleasant texture as you drink, making the beverage seem creamier and smoother. For drinks like coffee and tea, it creates a similar taste as having cream or milk added, without having to add any at all. 
High-quality food-grade nitrogen also helps to enhance the flavor notes of the beverage itself. For coffee and tea drinkers, this can help to bring out more subtle flavors from the beans or leaves which aren’t typically noticeable. It is also quite beneficial for wine-drinkers, as nitro-infusion can add even more layers to the taste. 

This is beneficial for several reasons. First, no extra enhancements, like cream or sugar, need to be added to create this smoother, sweeter flavor beyond nitrogen. This means that the drinks are lower in calories and lower in ingredients, making them more appealing to customers in most cases. 

Second, it provides a far more pleasant drinking experience. Beverages taste smooth and creamy and the flavors are far more pronounced than they would be with the typical brewing process.

C. Nitro-Systems Extend Beverage Shelf-Life

Nitro-infused systems hold the liquid in a keg, creating an air-tight seal around the container. This helps to extend the shelf-life of the beverage far longer than traditional containers since mold and bacteria cannot grow inside.

Most coffee shops only keep cold brewed drinks like coffee and tea for about 24 hours. Oxidation from opening the container can compromise the drink, and bacteria or mold may start to form. In comparison, beverages stored in a nitro system last up to 10 days if properly refrigerated.

The same also goes for drinks like wine and kombucha. The flavor of these beverages may change a bit if they are exposed to oxygen. Wine bottles will start to go bad after just 3-5 days and develop a bitter taste like vinegar. However, nitro-systems prevent this from happening so more expensive drinks like good wine and large batches of kombucha don’t go to waste.

This can help restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops cut down on their waste significantly, saving them money in the long run.

D. Purchasing a Nitro-Infuser is More Affordable than You Think 

Although nitro-infused beverages are incredibly popular, they are always available at every café or restaurant. A special nitro-infusion system needs to be installed for these types of beverages.

Many smaller coffee shops or restaurants do not have nitro beverages because of the assumed cost for the system. However, it can be a great financial investment with high returns.

Nitro-infused beverages are typically sold at a slightly higher cost than similar drinks. For instance, nitro-infused cold brew is more expensive than iced coffee. This means that there is a higher revenue from this drink and a greater return.

Installing a nitrogen infusion system will draw in new customers who are eager to try this latest trend – especially if you serve unique beverages like wine, kombucha, or tea lattes.

Ready to Try this Latest Beverage Trend?

If you are interested in trying a nitro-infused beverage for yourself and you’re interested in investing in this system, give Enhanced Beverage Solutions a call. Our team can answer any questions you may have about the nitro system. Simply reach out online or call at 952-232-5900!

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