The Nitro Infuser

Using the strategic technology of a multi-stage infusion process, the Nitro Infuser empowers kegerators to consistently pour the perfect nitro cold brew without the hassle of shaking the keg. 


Operational Advantages

  • Quickly installs between keg and tap

  • Nitrogenates at the tap, eliminating the need to pre-charge the keg

  • No more shaking the keg

  • Consistent, repeatable pour from glass to glass

  • Impressive speed of pour

  • Allows for customization of result for shop standards

  • User-friendly and adaptable to customer self-serve environments

Product Specifications

  • Multiple-vortex nitrogen mixing chambers

  • 4-stage nitrogen infusion system

  • Nitrogen cascades up to 10x Longer

  • Nitrogen suspends up to 5x Longer 

  • Standard operation 30-40 PSI (rated to 90 PSI)

  • Adjustable nitrogen infusion control

  • Quickly installs on tap line between keg and tap


The Nitro Infuser

All the benefits of the Nitro Infuser, double the possibilities.