Establish Your Tap Culture


The Story:

It wasn’t long ago that tap lines in bars were known for their neglect. The tap lines weren’t always cleaned and it wasn’t the freshest way to get your beer. But, over the last few years, tap lines have gained a very different reputation -- one of freshly brewed craft beer; each glass poured individually for each customer. From that, tap culture has emerged.

Now, there is a certain quality to a craft tap beverage that elevates any establishment’s reputation well above the point of expertise-- and that quality fosters tap culture.

Today, an increasing number of coffee shops worldwide have begun to see the benefits of establishing their own tap culture. By fostering tap culture in your establishment, you’ll find better opportunity for staff and customer interaction, more efficient workflow behind the bar, and stronger customer loyalty. Before you know it, you’ll have a positive reputation in this niche that will travel faster than you can say “Nitrogenated”.