Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. You can run any still beverage through the infuser. See some of our suggestions here.

To get more information on wholesaling the Nitro Infuser click here. If you are ready to get started wholesaling, you can contact Dion Frostad at, or by calling +1 952.232.5900.

The Nitro Infuser is compatible with any draft system. If you are using Cornelius Kegs (Corny Kegs), we recommend installing a Ball Lock Disconnect with Check Valve (Gas) to prevent backflow of beverage, as this will hinder performance of your Nitro Infuser.

In every system, draft lines, stout faucets, and connectors should be cleaned regularly.

We recommend setting your nitrogen regulator between 28-32 PSI as a starting point, however adjust as needed. We also recommend setting your kegerator at 36 degrees F as a starting point, adjust as needed. Please note, all machines are different so adjust these settings as you see fit.

No. You should not pre-charge your kegs when using a Nitro Infuser. The Nitro Infuser infuses the beverage on-demand instantly, eliminating that step.

Yes. You will need either a tank of nitrogen gas or a nitrogen generator. Please note - states require food-grade nitrogen when infusing into beverages.