The Nitro Tower

The Nitro Tower contains a complete infusion system embedded within the unit. Using our latest Nitrogen Control System (NCS), the Nitro Tower empowers kegerators to pour the perfect nitro-infused beverage.


Infusion at the tap.

Simply attach the device to the top of your kegerator and you’re ready to pour the perfect nitro-infused beverage.

Operational Advantages

  • Nitrogenates directly at the tap, eliminating the need to pre-charge the keg

  • No more shaking the keg

  • Consistent, repeatable pour from glass to glass

  • Impressive speed of pour

Product Specifications

  • Multiple-vortex nitrogen mixing chambers

  • Nitrogen cascades up to 10x longer

  • Up to 25% more nitrogen saturation 

  • Customizable nitrogen infusion control


Built for beverage expansion…anywhere.

The Nitro Tower is available in a single infused tower, dual faucets tower (1+1), and dual infused tower, allowing you to pour multiple cold brews, tea, wine, etc.


Nitro Cold Brew
Still Cold Brew


If you’re looking to empower small spaces, the Nitro Tower 1+1 also allows you to pour both still and nitro beverages from the same keg, eliminating the need to fuss with a countertop system.