Three Ways To Level Up Your Cold Brew

12.22.20 12:51 PM By Shelby

Three Ways To Level Up Your Cold Brew

In the latest episode of Cascades & Conversations, we introduce you to the newest member of the Enhanced Beverage Solutions team, Dion Frostad. Dion is a craft cocktail aficionado, and uses his expertise to show us three easy ways to level up your cold brew game.

Learn More About The Nitro Infuser

Tip #1: Garnish, Garnish, Garnish!

Dion shares the importance of garnishing every drink that is served to a customer. Not only does this increase the visual and aromatics of the beverage, it also serves as free marketing! Customers want to take photos of beautiful drinks and share them will their friends. Next thing you know, their friends are coming in requesting the same beverage. 

Tip #2: Take Inspiration From Cocktails

Taking inspiration from cocktails is a great way to turn your cold brew into a new specialty drink. Dion suggests brainstorming cocktails you are already familiar with, and simply swapping out the spirit with your cold brew. In the video, Dion makes us a Cold Brew Old Fashion.

.25 oz Monin Pure Cane 

1 dash Dashfire Orange Bitters 

6 oz Nitro Infused Cold Brew 

 Orange Peel 

Tip #3: Seven Second Latte

The Seven Second Latte is a drink format we created to allow our customers to maximize cold brew's presence on their menu. Rather than committing a whole keg to your nitro infused latte, the drink is built in the glass. Simply add your syrup, fill about 1/3 of the glass with your milk of choice, then top it off with nitro infused cold brew. In this video, Dion shows us how to make a Nitro Infused Oat Mocha.

.25 oz Torani Chocolate Milano 

 1 oz Pacific Barista Series Oat 

 6 oz Nitro Infused Cold Brew 

 Dark Chocolate Shavings 

While cold brew is an obvious first step, we encourage you to use your creativity to nitro-infuse other still beverages as well! You can learn more about nitrogen in other beverages from the link below.

What else can you infuse?
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