The AfterBurner

Turbo Boost Your Nitro Infuser


Experience a 29% Longer Cascade

Designed exclusively to work alongside our Nitro Infusers, the AfterBurner by Enhanced Beverage Solutions sends your beverage through an additional round of our patented Dual Vortex Mixing Chambers right before it leaves the tap, so you can easily achieve the perfect Nitro Cold Brew.

The AfterBurner enhances your Nitro Infuser in two applications:

Kegerator: Added in tandem with a Nitro Infuser, it increases the cascade duration by a staggering 29% and provides a more dense head to your beverage.

Long Draw Draft Systems: Adding the AfterBurner removes the challenges of having the Nitro Infuser installed a long distance from the tap. The AfterBurner sends the already-infused beverage through an additional set of Dual Vortex Mixing Chambers right before dispensing, assuring you achieve the perfect nitro cold brew every time.

By adding an AfterBurner, you're basically adding a supercharger to your Nitro Infuser.


Product Specifications


  • L 5” x W 1” x D 1.5”

No Internal Moving Parts

  • Can pass solids

    • Find beverage inspiration here.

  • Nothing to wear out

No Additional Cleaning

  • System cleans and sanitizes when you flush your tap lines

Made in U.S.A.

  • All components are produced in U.S.A.

  • Hand-assembled in Minneapolis, MN