About Us

We know where you’re coming from.

After spending years owning, operating, and consulting within the specialty coffee, craft beer, and fine wine industries, our team merged experiences to create Enhanced Beverage Solutions. In those businesses, the core of our successes came from creating outstanding value propositions for our customers. Enhanced Beverage Solutions provides an unparalleled opportunity to increase business efficiency while continually improving the quality and consistency of beverages served.

Back then, we knew the potential.
Now, we have the solution.

We know the joy of serving a beautifully cascading glass of Nitro Cold Brew -- and we know how elusive that perfect cascade can be. We know the drudgery of shaking partially-filled kegs and we know the embarrassment of serving not-so-nitro cold brew. All too well, we know the pain of spending large on expensive modules only to see them underperform. So we went back to the drawing board. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.